Timelapse VIDEO

3d interactive renderings 


Still photography 

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Personal or group photograpy

Headshots that tell your story. Images that Matter.


Real Space gives you the ability to virtually walk-through any space. We capture the true sense of being in any location and allow you to manually maneuver your way through every area.

floor plans & measurements

Floor plans are a great marketing tool for any industry. Real Space goes through and takes detailed measurements of your property. We then provide you with an accurate floor plan that you can use to give your customers a better idea of your space.

Aerial Photography and videos

Not only does Real Space give your customers the capability to see inside your space, but we can also give them a birds eye view of your entire property. We use state of the art drone equipment to provide you with aerial video footage and photography.. 


HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range) is a specific style of photo that often can't be achieved in a single photograph. HDRs are the photos that closest resemble what the human eye would see walking into a room or building. Real Space creates photos of your property that best showcase it. 

Time Lapse Video

Go beyond the before and after photo with a time lapse video. Our professionals will install a camera throughout your project for a set amount of time. Once the project is complete you will receive a short video showing a sped up record of every detail that happened. 

Architectural services 

Delivers accurate building information including As-Built Surveys, 3D Laser Scanning, Building Information Modeling, Photography and Interactive Floor Plans. 

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